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About The Competition

The Portugieser variety is spread across Central Europe, called either Portugizer, Portugizac, Portugalka, Blauer Portugieser or Modrý Portugal. It would be very nice to see all ranges of these wines at once.  The international competition for the Portugieser variety is organised for the seventh time this year. On the first day of our event – 22 April – the submitted wines will compete before an international jury.

Wines may be submitted to the Portugieser du Monde competition in the following four categories:

  • young Portugiesers (vintage of 2021)
  • vintage Portugiesers (vintages 2020 or earlier)
  • blends with a min. 50 percent Portugieser-content
  • Portugieser specialities (white, rosé, sparkling, etc. – min 85% portugieser)


You can enter till 31/03/2022, by completing the entry form on www.portugieserdemonde.com. We will then send you an email confirming your entry. Entry will become final upon receipt of the entry fee in our bank account.

Entry fee: First sample: €30, each additional entry €20/sample.

3 bottles of samples should be sent to:
Tenkes Borvidékfejlesztő Nonprofit Kft.
7800 Siklós, Felszabadulás u. 80, Hungary

The entrant must send 3 bottles per sample free of charge and in their original packaging to the organiser of the competition in the case of 750ml bottles. If the packaging is not 750ml, then a minimum of 3 litres are required. Bottles must indicate the place of origin under which the product is marketed. In addition, one label identical to those used on the samples must be attached.

To enter the competition, entrants must pay the prescribed entry fee per sample as specified by the organiser.

When submitting the wines, the entry form, printed and signed, must be included in the package.

Please consider the date of the final deadline when sending the wines. We advise you to check delivery times from abroad beforehand.

Slovenian and Croatian producers may also submit their samples in Zagreb. Contact: Željka Balja
Phone: +385 95 896 2810, e-mail: zeljka.balja@gmail.com


The wines will be evaluated by international jury panels. Each panel will consist of 5-7 recognised tasting experts. The organising country will nominate up to 50% of the members of the jury.

The work of each panel will be overseen by its panel chair. The President of the Wine Competition may also assist in the performance of these duties. The panels will work in silence and in full compliance with the conditions laid out in the Competition Rules.

Evaluation of the wines will take place using tablets and a computer-assisted 100-point positive evaluation sheet as recommended by the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits competitions (VinoFed), the UIOE and the OIV.

If one or more panel members consider the sample unsuitable, they may initiate its exclusion. If necessary, the sample may be excluded by the unanimous decision of the panel members.

The points given by the judges are totalled by the technical secretariat with the aid of a computer programme, with the calculated average giving the final score for the wine. Any scores that vary by more than 5 points from the average in either direction (both positively and negatively) will not be counted.

Champion: 1 wine in each of the four categories will be awarded the champion prize, chosen from the top 3 wines in each category.
The following medals will be awarded in each category:
– Gold Medal (minimum 90 points),
– Silver Medal (minimum 85 points).

Best of Country: if at least 10 samples are submitted from a foreign country, the gold medal wine with the highest score among the samples entered will receive a special prize.

The organiser of the wine competition will allow wines that have achieved the champion and medal prizes to display the prize on the bottle (on an additional label – “macaron” or printed on the label) under special conditions. Unauthorised use of the reference or logo will result in exclusion from subsequent competitions.