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Dear enquirer!

Welcome to the official website of the Portugieser Du Monde International Wine Competition!
We steadfastly believe: Portugieser is an essential and important grape variety in Central Europe, it is however unfortunately rarely celebrated in the world of wines.
We began 10 years ago by organising a tasting event with Portugiesers from Villány, extended the competition to be international next year and we are organising the competition this year as well.
Portugieser is not just a simple, fresh red wine that could be ignored, it is much more important. To show you why, we are organising the presentation and exhibition of Portugieser producers in Pécs, Hungary.
The Portugieser variety is spread across Central Europe, called either Portugizer, Portugizac, Portugalka, Blauer Portugieser or Modry Portugal. It would be very nice to see all ranges of these wines at one. We organise the international Portugieser variety competition for the 9th time this year, on the first day of our event. The wines compete at an international jury on 14 April in Siklós Castle.
Portugieser producers from Central Europe will be able to present themselves this year, from 15:00 to 20:00 on 15 April 2023 in Dóm Kőtár (The Lapidarium)
Tickets: https://jegymester.hu/production/10080960/9-portugieser-du-monde-kostolofesztival/8253789


Organisers of the Portugieser Du Monde international wine competition:
- Tenkes Borvidékfejlesztő Nonprofit Kft.
- Pécsi Borozó (Vinoliva Kft.)


The Villány Wine Region is Hungary’s southernmost wine region. Hungary’s best-known red wine region has a continental climate with clear sub-Mediterranean influence. The region covers a total area of 4,500 hectares, with more than 2,400 of that currently under vine. The whole wine region is characterised by clayey loess, typically loose and rich in lime.
Both professionals and consumers consider the region’s wines among the highest quality and most sought after products on the domestic wine market. From the late eighties, living family traditions were given the chance to develop, building on historical viticultural traditions. This knowledge can be traced back to Roman times in the region and regardless of what nationality was predominant in the region, wine production has always played an important role. The Romans, Hungarians, Serbs and Germans continually contributed to the knowledge and customs of the previous centuries with new varieties or new viticultural and winemaking technology.
Hungary’s first fully-fledged system of origin protection was established here. Moreover, the Villány-Siklós Wine Route, considered the first bastion of wine tourism in Hungary, started operations here and is still uniting wine tourism service providers in the region.
Villányi Franc is one of the wine region’s most prominent brands. It can be produced in premium and super premium categories according to strict specifications. Villányi Franc is a virtuoso of elegance, balance and fine-tuning, showing its versatility by allowing both winemakers’ individuality and varietal typicity. It spends at least one year ageing in oak and also benefits from extended ageing in bottle. Villány’s classic brand is Villányi REDy, which is a light, fruity blend based on Portugieser. It’s Villány’s smiley face.